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Since the release of Jayne Goh’s exclusive interview by TODAY, we have received many inquiries, comments, and feedback from the public. We thank you for your time in taking interest in this association, and playing a part in shaping its future. We acknowledge that there is much to be improved on the concerns raised and in our communication to the public. We strive to work on this as one of our top priorities.

Although the application of the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is approved by Ministry of Home Affairs as published by TODAY on Jan 19, 2009, there is still much to be finalized and worked on by the committee members as a whole. We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication or lack of emphasis on some of the topics specifically the following:

We welcome Singapore residents to join us – be it Singaporeans or foreigners. This is not an exclusive entity. The reported “by invite only” refers to a draft proposal of our upcoming soft launch. It has been removed from the final proposal. We will also look into the membership fees and adjust accordingly after the valuable feedback we received from the Singapore Blogosphere. Although Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is a non profit entity with the committee members volunteering time and effort, it still requires funding to run the day-to-day operation and to achieve what we set our goals are to be. Rest assure that our accounts will be audited and published during the AGM (Annual General Meeting).

With regards to concerns expressed on the lack of prominent Singaporean bloggers leading the association, what the current committee team is striving to achieve is to kick start the process of establishing an association. We did approach several prominent bloggers in Singapore but most of them are unable to commit the time required as a committee member. We welcome new members to join our voluntary work, to participate in the decision making process, and to shape the future of the association. And for the prominent Singaporean bloggers who may not have the time to help running this association, we will reach out to them to be our partners in sharing their valuable experience with our members. The existing committee structure has a one-year term. A new team will be elected during the AGM later this year.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Our top priorities now are to (1) finalize and publish our upcoming events for our members, (2) work with our partners on educational and experience sharing workshops, and (3) reach out to the blogosphere to have a healthy dialogue on how to take this association to a greater height.

We are working as fast as we can to set up our official website. For those who are new to the process, a “” domain takes time to secure and the application can only be initiated after the government’s approval is obtained. is not our domain.

We thank you for your feedback and support.

Yours sincerely,
Association of Bloggers (Singapore) Committee


2 Responses to “Thank you for your feedback”

  1. Nur Shaheed Says:

    I think what AB(S) is trying to do is in fact commendable. Perhaps the introduction of the initiative was a little vague thus the defensive responses from the bloggers. I’m confident the group will get better.

    Based on what I read in the New Paper today, some of the bloggers refuse to join due to their ego more than anything else. Some just are afraid of censorship. Nonetheless, it doesn’t help anyone by criticising and boycotting from the outside. I’d rather join the cause and help improve it.

    Best of luck to AB(S). You have my support!

    PS: Do let me know how best I can contribute too, yah! Cheers!

  2. Farinelli Says:

    @Bad English:

    Hey! Fellow grammar Nazi! I agree, the English leaves much to be desired. What kind of registered society is this??

    All the same though, I’d much rather listen to someone with bad English than some one with bad attitude. Find yourself a proper bin to puke into. 🙂

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