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Association of Bloggers (Singapore) was submitted for registration in December 2008 by a team of like minded bloggers whose vision and purpose is to strengthen and unify blogger relations in the local blogosphere.

Our mission is to –

  • To promote and support the positive development of the blogging scene in Singapore, as a distinct form of media; with all the rights and responsibilities that entails, to every citizen.
  • To promote professionalism in blogging among members.
  • To promote its members by advancing the grassroots media movement generally through activities and events organized.
  • Fostering a positive identity with credibility.
  • Educating its Members through mutual support and robust internal discussion, by partnering with organizations dedicated to education in the area of technology, methods and standard otherwise, creating educational opportunities for the association and its Members.
  • To provide for the interchange and advance of knowledge in the field of blogging.
  • To promote social interaction and cohesion among Members.

10 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Hi Wilfrid & Jayne,

    Great to hear about this foundation.

    I have a suggestion: To set up an e-newsletter for fellow bloggers to be kept updated of any upcoming talks and events.

    I would like to be kept on the list as well.

    Best Regards


  2. Belinda Says:

    Best regards and good luck to the new association.

    But I’m quite skeptical about this. Blogging apparently is a form of expression bypassing the traditional media and supposedly honest opinions as opposed to advertisements. The whole idea of having an “association” behind bloggers just makes it too organised and somewhat seem like controlled. The interactions may seem “pre-discussed” before posting and it could be robust within the community but not outside. That’s just my two dime worth, but then again… it’s in the baby stage of the association and will be too early for me to comment on anything.

    All the best, hope it will make positive headways.

  3. Ivy Says:

    Great idea! Would love to see how this association develops.

    Perhaps a more community-based site or a Facebook group may be the first step to organizing a community. 🙂

    @Deborah, I’m not a fan of e-newsletters. It’s too Web 1.0. Also, it doesn’t quite give those newbies a chance to stumble upon the association – like I just did. I much prefer to receive an event invite on Facebook. 😀

  4. eastcoastlife Says:

    Hi Deborah,
    We will be posting all events, courses, activities on our official website.

    We are working hard preparing for the Association’s launch which is next month. *panting*

    Please, please bear with us. Thank you.

  5. eastcoastlife Says:

    Thank you Belinda,
    Nobody is controlling anybody here. In this Association, we come united as bloggers. When you are an individual blogger, you can be lonely.

    It’s your choice to join our Association. Nobody has to.

    I’m not good with words. haha…. *embarrass*

    Hope you can come to one of our activities and we can talk.

    We will be having quite a number of events…. you can assess us then. 🙂

  6. eastcoastlife Says:

    Thank you Ivy,
    Give us time. We are not here to prove anything. We want to do good for our community and country. We want Peace.

    We will be having our Facebook group.

    Association of Bloggers (Singapore)

  7. Sensei Michael Says:

    You may want to know that WordPress is actually blocked in China (but of course, someone like me will know how to overcome the Great Firewall of China). I guess, since it’s an association of Singaporean bloggers, it really doesn’t matter – just that there are quite a number of us Singaporeans who are actually based in China, that you may want to take note. 🙂

    Michael Chan

  8. C K Says:

    Hey ECL,

    Really excited to hear about AOB (S’pore). Although I’m based overseas, is there any chance that I can be part of it as well?

    C K

  9. Observer Says:

    Hi AOB,

    Just to check if you guys support the freedom of speech.

    It’s an interesting idea but to be honest, I have never seen any of your blog before. Why is more famous bloggers invited into the committee?

    Good luck anyway

  10. Singapore Jobs Says:

    How to become member of this association?

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