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New Treasurer and New Committee Member On Board

February 4, 2009

We have great news to share.  As of just a couple of minutes ago, we have formally admitted two office-bearers into our association via the Registry of Societies that opens … 24 hours a day.  Now, we have a treasurer and an additional committee member willing to volunteer their time to help building this community.  Welcome on board.

We aim to form a new committee panel in this coming weeks and once we have the organization structure in place, we will announce the names of the new office-bearers.

Coming soon, we are formalizing the membership application process as well as a proposed event list.  We know these are the hot items that you all are very eager to see.  Our partners too, and so are we!  Stay tuned and once again, thank you for taking an interest in us.

PS. Comments will be re-enabled once we have the manpower to respond to them.  Meanwhile, please continue to write to our temporary mailbox.  Needless to say, getting a more permanent website is one of our priority items.