What is the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) about?

The Association of Bloggers (Singapore) (“AB(S)”) is a non-profit association registered with the Registry of Societies dedicated to:

  • Promoting, protecting, and educating its members
    Supporting the development of ‘blogging’ or ‘citizen journalism’ as new media
    Helping to extend the power of the press, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails, to every citizen.
  • It is founded on the principles of strengthening professionalism, training, education, business promotion, and ethics.

When will AB(S) be officially launched?

AB(S) is officially approved on January 16, 2008 after we have submitted the application together with our Constitution on December 9, 2008. Our immediate tasks are to work on AB(S) official website, to establish the membership program, and to organize the soft launch event in a month’s time – all these tasks have dependency on the official approval by the government.

Do I have to be a blogger to join AB(S)?

This is an association for the bloggers and hence, we encourage bloggers to join our Ordinary Membership. However, there is no restriction for the Corporate Membership.

Is AB(S) a by invitation only association? For Singaporean bloggers only?

No, it is not. All applications are subjected to a transparent approval process. However, to gain an initial membership base and a critical mass for the association, we deploy a two-prong approach – to actively source out for valued bloggers and to rely on various channels to promote our association.

We accept applications from all nationalities.

Is there an approval process for membership application? Why is it necessary?

In order to be a credible voice for the blogosphere, the association should have a good representation of bloggers from across different interests / topics and demographics / psychographics.

The blogging community in Singapore is very small, and we should try to work as much as possible with one another.

We would require our members to observe a code of conduct and not to spam members or embarrass the association through their speech or conduct. Porn or controversial sites are a definite no-no.

Last but not the least, Singapore law must be respected.

What AB(S) is planning for the members? What other perks do I get to enjoy?

  • A line-up of events will be published at soft launch. We intend to have:
  • A monthly gathering for members to socialize and get to know one another
  • A series of workshops and conferences to promote and educate our members
  • Affiliations with overseas blogger associations
  • Service and product launch invites
  • Special company, production line, facility, park, and museum tours
  • A chance to engage the Government in discussions on its policies and help shape Singapore
  • Potential pegging discounts from retailers or eateries
  • And much more.

How much is the membership fees? And what will the budget be utilized?

As documented in our Constitution, the fees structure is as follows.

Entrance fee: S$50 (one time)

Ordinary Membership: S$ 60 (Annual)

Corporate Membership: S$ 100 (Annual)

However, we are waiving the subscription fee of S$60 for new members this year (Ordinary Membership).

This money pays for or subsidizes courses or workshops for member bloggers unless there are sponsors. And it covers other operation costs such as the production of membership cards, the hosting of the website, and etc.

Corporate Membership are for those who wish to publicize market, advertise or in any way promote their employers, products or services for profiteering purposes within the association.

Our budgeting plan and utilization will be audited and transparent to the public.

Why do I have to pay additional fees for some events?

While the association hopes to provide free events as much as possible, some speakers or instructors may charge a negotiated preferential rate. Under such circumstances, members will have to pay a nominal fee for these events.

Apart from events, what other perks do I get to enjoy?

The suggestion of pegging discounts from retailers or eateries is being considered now.

Can I remain anonymous when joining AB(S)?

Personal particulars are required when you are registering as a member for verification purposes. Your particular will be kept confidential and only known to designated committee members. You may continue to post in pen names and your particulars will not be publicized in our websites or any of our communications to the public without your written consent.

What is the vision of success for AB(S) in 5 to 10 years timeframe?

Ideally we should have some lawyers onboard, counseling the members on what action to take on the different situations.

The members themselves could help one other to solve problems, to volunteer to mentor the new bloggers and educate the public who are interested in blogging. And also help the older, less net-savvy bloggers. We could have a mentor or buddy system.

We are one big family. We should look after one another like a kampung spirit within the Singapore blogosphere.

We also hope that by being identified as credible and responsible bloggers, we could get more recognition from advertisers as a distinct form of new media. For members who are looking to make some money from their blogs, it would be a good platform.

We hope one day, when the association grows to a couple of thousand members, we could have our own club house.

Will there be an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Yes. AGM will be held to inform our members of previous and future activities. It will also be a forum for the election of the officers for AB(S).

Is AB(S) a media law enforcement agency?

No, we are not. We are an interest group with a legal entity under-which we are governed by The Societies Act (Chapter 311) similar to other hobbyist associations in Singapore. We will however in as much as possible promote and advocate best practices and ethics in blogging.

Is AB(S) here to control and guide the way Singaporeans blog?

No, we are not. We are here to promote, protect, and educate. Blogging should not be controlled and guided. It is against our principles of strengthening professionalism, training, education, business promotion, and ethics.

Is AB(S) a platform for a political mouthpiece?

No, we are not.

Do the committee members draw salary from the association?

Our committee members contribute our time in a voluntary basis and hence, we are not salaried. All claims and expenses will be annually audited together with the funding received from our members and sponsors.

Our committee members pay the membership fees as well.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

You can contact us at our temporary email address bloggers@singapore.com. A new email will be announced when the association has secured a domain along with the official website.

Please note that Singapore.com is not our official domain name.


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